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On the farm


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On the farm

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh. Tiling is some damn hard work, even if you have a husband and father to do all the hard parts. Here are the steps:
Step 1. Screw Wonderboard (cement board) into the existing floor (in our case, mostly old hardwood and some subflooring). 

Step 2. Plaster seams & cut tile. It's much easier if you don't lay tile on the diagonal...but since when do I want things done the easy way?

Step 3. Quick-set the tile. We used 1/8th inch spacers for the grout lines. P.S. That's still Evan, he just shaved his head!

Step 4. Grout. You smooth it in, wipe it off and then buff out the tile.

Look, I helped! The truth is, tiling a room this size is a two person job, plus we only had the tools for two people. So Evan and Dad did all the hard work, while Mom and I worked outside on garden clean up. We worked really hard too, just not on the floor. This is what my house looks like now, until the tile grout dries and we can put things back together:

Oh no! My living room! My dining room! You can't even see my furniture, or my beautiful hardwood floors. The next project (do they ever end - answer, NO) is having the family room and hallway floors refinished. Evan called the floor guy today, hopefully he calls back on Monday. To get the tile completely finished, we need to seal the grout, mop the floor, caulk the edges, and paint & install shoe moulding around the edges. And THEN we can put everything back and be done with one room. Now that we've had a crash course in tiling, the next room we move to is the upstairs bathroom. It shouldn't be too hard, just expensive. Some day I'll be able to buy new clothes again...for now, I own a house instead.

P.S. Brutus sez: Hai guise, can I halp?

  • That floor, it is gorgeous. I'm so impressed and can't wait to see you in a week! Yay!
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