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Home Cheap Home


Home Cheap Home

On the farm


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On the farm

So just for fun, I took pictures of my gardens. Many of the plants bloom in the summer, so there's a lot of green for now. Take a look!

Back steps - the bench goes to my poor dead piano, but has new life holding my gardening tools

My friendship garden, with plants that remind me of people or that have been given to me by others. The pot has herbs.

Irises, Poppies and Columbine along the side of the house

Wisteria on the arbor and honeysuckle next to the porch

My front porch is my pride and joy. The containers on the front porch were designed with the help of my mother, and I think they look fantastic. I planted the yellow superbells in the flower boxes last week, I hope they grown and trail over the edges.
The porch has a swing, as promised, for rocking with other young-old-people.

Come and visit to get the complete tour!!

  • I do not mean to rhyme.

    Gorgeous. I want to come back soon - maybe end of June?
  • I post pictures of my garden too! My rosebushes are just about to have a massive orgasm. Your house is so pretty! Love a porch.
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