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Flea Market, 6-22-2008

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On the farm

Flea Market, 6-22-2008

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On the farm
So today was going to be a good flea market day, but there was a huge storm and the outside vendors all packed up and left. I wasn't really in the mood to talk so I tried to avoid the people I knew were chatty. I told Evan the mission was to find a sugar bowl - because when he knows we're looking for a specific thing he always feels better about it. There were so many ugly ones. The one I liked best was part of a whole dinner set and they wouldn't sell just the sugar bowl, so I ended up with my second choice. I still bought the creamer too, just because a set is nice to have:

The print is called "Maria-Theresia Rosetta" and it's Edelstein china. I tried to find a comparable piece on Ebay but they don't have much with this print. It's not old - mid century probably - but they are in nice shape. $12 for the pair.

This was my better purchase:

It's really a nice pitcher even with a chip and a crack near the handle. According to the mark and this site: http://www.thepotteries.org/mark/w/wood_sons.html it dates from pre-1907. Once I fill it with hydrangeas you won't even see the chip and the white goes well in my dining room. It was $7.
  • That stuff is great! I wish I'd been with you. I meant to answer that last message and just had a hideous week. We'll definitely have to go some Sunday. I don't work every weekend. In July, I'm off the 6th, 13th, and 27th. And Brimfield is the 8th to 13th--ever been? I haven't. I hear it's awesome.
    • Whoa. I just looked up the Brimfield Show and we definitely need to check that out. I have the 13th free, although since my husband will be home he'll probably want to tag along. He's a pretty patient antiquer, although he always ends up picking out the most ridiculously expensive crap and insisting we need it.
      • If for whatever reason we miss it in July, we could always go in September. I'll probably have more to spend by then. Nick likes antiquing, but he does tire before I do. I suspect he'll stay home with the boy. He would never pick out anything expensive; he usually follows me around wondering why I buy what I do. As it is, I'm pared down to silver in my pattern, sewing/embroidery antiques in good shape if the price is right, household textiles, samplers, and if I'm especially flush and find the right thing, Arts and Crafts furniture, glass, and pottery. There was some great Grueby-style pottery at the DeCordova event, but without a spare $250, I can't even reach for that. He had tiles, too, for about $48/ea. If only I had that kind of kitchen remodel budget!

        There's going to be a craft fair this summer at Codman House where I work. I think it's in August. As soon as I get the schedule, I'll let you know. I could have sworn someone told me that they have crafts at the classic car show, which is on the 20th, but I'm not positive. And I don't know whether the craft fair at Roseland Cottage in Woodstock is annual, but I went to one there last October.
        • If you want to plan on the September Brimfield I'll probably have a little more disposable income too. I think my taste in antiques is a little more modern than yours, but I like pretty much anything that can be called "old". Actually, I saw a sampler yesterday and thought of you. Next time I'm at that shop I'll take a picture to see if you might be interested.

          I would love to see the place where you work - it sounds so interesting in your blog. And Evan sounded much more excited about an antique car show than just a craft fair. Really, I'll go to anywhere that might have cute, inexpensive stuff. Just let me know what the dates are!
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