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February 8th, 2008


On the farm
I have no personal artistic ability. Thank goodness my family does, so I can steal artwork from them instead of paying tons of money for it. These are my two most recent aquisitions:
My sister painted the Eiffel Tower from a photo I took while we were in Paris
My Grandma Gayle painted the landscape in her oils class. Her whole house is full of paintings and she let each grandchild take one when we were in NC for Grandpa's funeral. I love this painting more than anything else in my house.

Flea Market

On the farm
So I had company this weekend, and even though I know she was not at all interested I dragged her to the flea market. But I'm glad I did, because I found some awesome stuff!

$2 from my favorite vendor Patty. She said she doesn't have very many people interested in milkglass, so she's going to bring in her stuff for me so I can buy it from her (really cheap!)

Also from Patty. I actually got this a couple weeks ago, for $7. It was painted by someone who I've never heard of, but signed in the right hand corner. It's obviously an original, and I just love that section of Paris, Monmartre, by the Moulin Rouge.  Thank you, I am obviously an idiot. I finally googled the name in the bottom corner "Maurice Utrillo" and found out he's a famous painter who's mother was a student of Degas. Sooooo...unless my flea market is in the habit of selling orginal art for $5 then I think I have a print.

I see these candleholders at the market all the time, and I'm always saying I should start collecting them. Patty sold me ALL of these for $5. She had prices on the bottoms, ranging from $2 - $6 each, so it was a real steal. Now I've got a collection started and I can just keep my eye open for really nice ones. So excited to go back!

February 1st, 2008

New Chair

On the farm
This chair was in the trash by the side on West Town Street Sunday night. Evan wouldn't stop so I could pick it up. It was still there on my way to work on Monday, so I got it! One can of semi-gloss black spray paint and 1/2 yard of fabric later and it's good as new. I'm planning to recover half my dining room chairs in this fabric too.



January 25th, 2008


On the farm

I have GOT to get rid of this thing. I found this piano in the classified ads of our local paper, and took it for free from a nice old woman in Niantic. But after I had it tuned (to the tune of $90) I found out it doesn't STAY in tune for more than a couple days. I asked the tunes what I can do and their only suggestion was replacing the sound board, which can cost several thousand dollars. For now it's a beautiful piece of furniture, but I want a real piano I can play. Any suggestions?

December 21st, 2007

Christmas Decorating

On the farm
After I made that HUGE list of stuff to buy for decorating, I actually did most if it. Here are my pictures:

All the stuff on my mantle came from the dollar store - those little gold reindeer were 2/$1 and I bought ALL the sparkly trees they had. I saw some just like that at Home Depot last weekend for $6.99.  Most of the ornaments are Wal-Mart. The branches on my front porch we cut from the bottom of the tree. Everything else was from TJMaxx or the flea market.


On the farm
 Here are my third floor afters. Make no mistake, this is not ideal or perfect, just good enough until I can afford real furniture and nice paint!
For now...it's SUPPOSED TO BE UGLY. That's the idea of a "Man Room."

Man my Bon Jovi mirror is awesome.

December 17th, 2007

Third Floor

On the farm
So the 3rd floor of my house used to just be an attic, but someone added on to the back and raised the roof to make half of it a real room. I'm guessing they did it some time in the 60's, based on the horrible carpets and wall paper. Here are the before pictures, sorry it's such a mess. I'll post some afters later.

The walls are orange from the wallpaper glue. It didn't come off when I pulled down the paper. The ceiling is that awful textured stuff that isn't really popcorn, it's more like stucco.
That wallpaper on the back wall is brown&black jungle animals. I'm keeping it per my husband's request. All the stuff we keep up here is hand me downs and old college junk - the futon, the papasan chair, a table covers in beer caps, a tv console from the neighbor's trash, the broken computer, etc. We refer to it as "The Gallery" or "The Man Room" since the walls were (and will be) covered in ugly posters and beer signs. I even have a bitchin Bon Jovi mirror. We slept up here the other night when we let our company use our room, and it was very warm and quiet. We're considering eventually remodeling it completely and turning it into a master suite. But that may be a LONG time from now.

November 26th, 2007

Christmas Decor

On the farm
Now that I have a very large house, I don't even have HALF enough Christmas stuff. This is all I've gotten up so far.

It's hard to take pictures of the house lights in the dark, with no flas it's always fuzzy.
But these decorations are pathetic! I need soooo many more things, including but not limited to:
1. Two small fake trees w/ornaments and lights for in front of the house
2. Pine branches, ornaments & fake snow to decorate my porch swing
3. Giant wreath for the block of windows on the second floor
4. Better mantle decoration - this garland is old and raggedy, I'm picturing something with lots of candles and sparkles
5. Garland to wrap the two pillars
6. Another string of colored lights to finish wrapping the banister
7. A wreath for the hall mirror
8. Ornaments to hang from the light fixture in the family room
9. Those little miny wreaths you put around the bottom of candle for the hurricane lamps in my family room
10. A new, gorgeous wreath from the front door (the one there now I'll put on the back door)
11. Gold and green themed decorations for my front guest room
12. Blue and red themed decorations for my back guest room
13. Silver or crystal themed decorating for my bedroom
14. Countless other things I can't remember! This list could seriously be a million items long.

Wall words

On the farm
Ah this wasn't as easy as I thought! I have textured paint on the walls in the family room, so these letters reeeeally didn't want to stick. But now that they're up, they rawk! So much less expensive than artwork, and a great convo starter.
In case you didn't know...it's from Moulin Rouge.

November 21st, 2007

Bathroom curtains

On the farm

What I REALLY wanted for my bathroom is yellow toile curtians. Apparently, those don't exists. And the fabric store only had blue toile with yellow pattern, and that was special order. So I settled. I bought 4 yards of yellow fabric at $1 a yard (seriously, our Joann Fabric store is SUPER cheap), hem tape and drapery rings to try and make my own curtains. I am beyond proud of these. I did it all myself! And they look good! Here's the project:

And the results:

They tie that chair together with my blue walls so well! Like I said, I am beyond pround. I can't believe I made CURTAINS.

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